So back when in 2015 when I started bullet journaling because I saw it as a way to bring my eclectic interests together all in one place. And you know what? it worked!
Part to do list, part planner, part dreams & part note taker: My bullet Journal is whatever I need it to be, when I need it.

Before Bullet journaling my Day-to-a-page diary didn’t get used enough, leaving big wasted gaps and my week to a spread diary never gave me enough space!!

So I thought I would share some of my experience with bullet journaling with you, especially since I have be seeing so many posts from newbies who love the idea of bullet journaling, but who don’t know where to start.

All you need is a notebook and a pen; something that you already have around and if you are like me, you will have a bunch of “special” ones that you are saving for a special occasion.

So lets begin:
Tell your perfectionism that they can watch you bullet journal, but they can’t touch!! and they especially can’t comment -ever!!

This is a work in progress, this journal will be like life “messy but fun”

Now open to the first page, title it “index” turn the page over, then on the next blank page: begin- that’s right.  Just Begin.

Whatever is nagging you from the back of you mind.

Whatever you told yourself: I need to remember this, it is important!
Write that in your bullet journal.

There are plenty of Pinterest boards, Facebook groups and google searches & of course the original that will give you ideas for spreads; but you have to remember that the simple act of writing both the trivial aspects of your life & the big important stuff will make the bullet journal yours & the most relevant to you.


  1. There are no mistakes – if you don’t like a spread, just turn the page and you can make a whole new one tomorrow.
  2. Experiment with what works for you, and know what works will change as well.
  3. Good Luck!!!

On a side note I need to give credit to Ryder Carroll, a digital product designer living in Brooklyn, NY. Who developed the term Bullet Journal® (or BuJo® for short). He has a great website that you should check out to find out where it all started and get more great tips for your very own Bullet Journal. I especially like his beginners video on the front page it is a great place to start.